Types Of Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistants provide a wide variety of services that help in business growth and development. Work often exceeds our capacity and running a business seems to be difficult in such times. Hiring a Virtual Assistant gives you freedom to focus on other critical aspects of your business. Let us learn what these services are.

  1. Digital Marketing. You need a specialized virtual assistant to help you in establishing your company’s digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing can be best implemented by someone specifically trained in the field. With a digital marketing virtual assistant, you can speed up your sales and growth. Outsource your digital marketing work to trained professionals like us. We provide services which are up to global standards.
  2. Presentations/Spreadsheets Creation. Too busy to make presentations? Just give us a call and hire a virtual assistant to manage all the documentation work that is creating a fuss in your mind. A virtual assistant from Yateman International is equivalent to a full-time assistant in your office. 
  3. Email and Chat Support. It is an important aspect to develop healthy relations with your customers. Email and Chat Support is an advanced growth strategy to build a customer base. Hire a virtual assistant for providing email and chat support to your customers from Yateman International.
  4. Accounting & Bookkeeping. We understand the importance of business meetings, customer demands and market trends. Amidst all this, accounting and bookkeeping is equally important to keep things in balance. If you are an entrepreneur with insufficient staff for accounting and bookkeeping functions, you can easily hire a virtual assistant from us to manage all such stuff. Schedule a FREE 15 minutes consultation to learn more about our virtual services at https://calendly.com/myateman.
  5. Administrative services. Difficulty in managing back end office tasks? You need not worry as virtual office assistants can help you to add a new energy to your business and handle all the regular office duties, keeping everything simple and sorted, well-organized and updated. So what are you waiting for! All you need to do is to hire a  Virtual Assistant for administrative support.
  6. Social Media Support. Social media virtual assistant services are the most genuine and cost-effective way to help you meet your social media goals. Your social media expert will help you to establish your brand on digital platforms and reach large masses while you relax on your couch.
  7. Leads Generation. Leads generation is a complex task. You have to do hard work in order to make a list of potential clients.  It might seem like a never ending process of cold calling, follow ups, emails etc. but fortunately you can easily delegate this to a virtual assistant. The key to potential lead generation is in getting virtual assistance for leads generation.
  8. Internet Research. The Internet is a great resource, which can help you to increase your knowledge and streamline your business. You can always look up the Internet to gather crucial information that may be required for your work. Hiring a full-time employee only to perform tasks such as Internet research is difficult due to the various factors associated with it. Instead, you can hire a virtual remote assistant from Yateman International for such internet related work at affordable prices.
  9. Customer Calling Support. Too many customer calls? Do you want someone who could receive calls on your behalf? Hire an assistant to give calling support to your customers. Our virtual assistant will answer your calls during your working hours and ensure that all the calls you receive are attended with utmost care and sincerity.
  10. Event Planning. Event planning has achieved immense significance in the last few years as it requires multiple skills like planning, organizing, budgeting, scheduling, logistics and people management. If there is any upcoming event or you have to organize a business event in a short time, look for a virtual assistant to manage your event. Don’t need to stress if you are running out of time or staff to plan the event, you just need a virtual assistant.
  11. Personal Task Assistance. Wikipedia says Personal Virtual Assistants act as the manager’s first point of contact with people from both inside and outside the organization. Personal Assistant tasks include but are not limited to: devising and maintaining office systems, including data management and filing; arranging travel, visas and accommodation, take notes or dictation at meetings or to provide general assistance during presentations, screening phone calls, attending inquiries and requests, organizing and maintaining diaries; making appointments; dealing with incoming emails and often corresponding on behalf of the manager. Isn’t it a long list? Well a personal virtual assistant does all of these things for you.

Get your business streamlined with Yateman International Virtual Assistant Services. We help entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to outsource their administrative, marketing and customer care services on a pay per project or hourly basis. Our team carries out intensive research and analysis for your business to provide you custom solutions and services. 

We provide skilled and highly trained Virtual Assistants in multiple domains. Contact Us to hire a virtual assistant.

Schedule a FREE 15 minutes consultation to learn more about our virtual services at https://calendly.com/myateman.

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