Getting Started With Your Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants help you in day to day mundane tasks. They allow you to save time for important things and run the business successfully. VAs provide a variety of services in multiple domains. Getting started with your virtual assistant can be challenging especially when you are doing it for the first time. If you have already hired a virtual assistant but still unsure or have questions like – How do I coordinate or analyze quality? How do I track productivity? How do I know if the VA is working on my project? How will the process go?; we can help you with a precise checklist.

  • Prepare a budget. When you hire an assistant, it is necessary that you plan your budget in advance. Check your finances and do the adjustments accordingly.
  • Define the tasks. Maintain a task bucket for your VA instead of assigning random things to them. This will help you track the things easily and keep a check on wasting the resource.
  • Communication platform. It is very important that you find a suitable communication platform. Choose the one which provides maximum features at a lesser price. You can also go for open services like Skype and G-Meet. 
  • Set benchmarks for quality. Virtual Assistants are hired to save money and deliver high-quality services. Make sure your VA understands the scale of quality you need. Provide suitable guidelines and evaluate the performance accordingly.
  • Discuss productivity. Once you hire a virtual assistant, set up a detailed discussion about productivity, expected amount of work, how much time will the VA take to complete a task etc. Have it all defined on papers to analyze the efficiency later. 

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  • Time tracking. Ask your VA to maintain a spreadsheet or use online tools to keep track of hours. If VA has fixed working hours then simply go for task tracking at the end of each day.  
  • Records and documents. Keeping records is important. Whatever VA does need to be documented and recorded for future use. Make SOPs to help the assistant that joins in next. 
  • Custom tools and process overview. Give an overview of all the tools that are specific to your organization. Keep a short session to describe the process and share other relevant details like User Credentials etc. 
  • Explain company values. It is essential that the hired VA understand your core values and organizational culture. Give a brief about it to ensure you are on the same page before jumping on to work.
  • Review and feedback. Initial stages are crucial to understand the nature of work. Try to review the work done by your assistant and provide suitable feedback. This ensures that everything is moving in the right direction.
  • Scope of rework. Reworking reduces productivity. Try to define the guidelines beforehand to avoid extra efforts and time. However, there is always a scope of redoing things, but try to escape it as much as you can.

You can easily follow the above checklist once you hire a virtual assistant. However, Yateman International helps you stay away from every chaos and provides smooth services when it comes to Virtual Assistants. We make sure that you save your money and effort both with our affordable pricing plans and highly trained staff. Visit our services section to see what we offer.

You can also Schedule a FREE 15 minutes consultation to learn more about our virtual services at

We will be more than happy to answer all your queries and help you get started with your VA.

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